From here, James’ career escalated when he debuted his first full festival show ‘Be A Man’ at the Melbourne Fringe Festival in September of 2015 and then later in early 2016 James took his show to The Melbourne International Comedy Festival. 'Be A Man' was warmly received by both audience members and critics alike, being referred to as ‘a gem of a find’ and ‘a true five star performance’. James intends on taking his show beyond Australia and doing various touring. 

This proved a shrewd move as James found his feet and stage presence touring open mic nights in England’s capital, eventually hosting his own weekly stand-up show a stone’s throw from the Olympic Stadium in Stratford. Brimming with confidence and a wealth of experience, James returned to Melbourne in 2015 to further his career in the world of comedy.

Heavily influenced by comedians such as Richard Prior and Bill Hicks, James Rankin first took to the Melbourne stage back in 2011. This first foray into stand-up confirmed everything James already knew – this is what he was born to do. He instantly fell in love with the craft and made the life-changing decision to pack up his things and move to London…arguably the home of stand-up comedy.  

His return to his home city saw him participate in various popular podcasts, make radio appearances, and host open mic nights. However, his first big break presented itself when James became the writer, producer, and co-host of Australia’s ‘Retreating Laughs’ radio program. James’s stage career also continued to flourish throughout 2015 as he performed sets in Hawaii and Berlin.

James Rankin Bio


Looking forward, the future is bright for James. His continued dedication to his craft sees him work tirelessly in creating clever, humorous, and relatable comedy to entertain his audiences.