This is going to be a big week guys! In 24 hours time the 2016 Melbourne Comedy Festival website will be launched and tickets to all shows will be on sale! That’s right, including the debut of ‘Be A Man’! I’ve put a lot of work into this show and I really think you’re going to like it. You can find out more information on the ‘Be A Man’ tab above or head straight to

Not only do I have comedy festival news for you but also in two mornings time, will go live! So much time and effort has been put into this website and a massive thank you and shout out must go to Shea Robinson. It’s important to have people in your life who push you to the next level and he is one of them. I'd love to hear your feedback so take a look around and see what you think! :)

I’m really chuffed with it all. Things are going to get a little hectic in the next 4 weeks as I crazily try and get myself prepared so I’m trying to remain peaceful for as long as I can. That’s where my niece comes in. I've always said on stage that I wouldn’t make a good father but I love being an uncle!

Actually, before she was born I did a speech at my sisters wedding. I can you tell you now that it’s a lot harder to perform to an audience where everybody knows you. Still, at least the Bride and Groom seemed to enjoy it.


Well the comedy festival has come and gone. It happened so fast but what an experience it was!? What a massive learning curve it was!? I went from believing in myself to not believing in myself, and back to believing in myself again. The response to ‘Be A Man’, especially from those that were just random punters was absolutely flattering. People appreciated the linear and narrative approach I wrote into the show. I would later come to realise however, that not a great many shows portrayed the same amount of effort. However there were a few IMMENSE acts at this years festival which taught me just how much work you have to put into this craft. Incredible.

I’d have to say personally that the festival on a whole was a success. Not so much from a financial point standing but as a whole, on a performance, experience and confidence point of view:it was a game-changer.

Word must have got out about the show as well because I was lucky enough to get on T.V. when the KK Factor chose to feature ‘Be A Man’ on their program. Here’s a snap I got posted on my wall, I was super excited. 

So yes, overall a success. It has got me feeling super pumped and very ambitious for the future.

Right now I’m getting prepared to go on a little holiday through Europe before ending up in Berlin, a place where I'm eagerly anticipating being a part of the thriving comedy scene they have.
Watch this space and thanks for following!!!!

Guys can you believe it’s only one day until the opening of the 30th annual Melbourne International Comedy Festival! Not only that but my debut show ‘Be A Man’ opens the very same night. I feel honoured to be a part of it.

I’ve spoken enough about my show for the time being however and yes I will be writing a summary post-festival, but for now I want to concentrate on the support I’ve been given in these last few months to really give me the freedom to perform.

I should start by prefacing; I’m not easy to deal with when I’m trying to be creative or when I’m stressed or even maybe when I’m actually happy… let’s just say I’m not easy to deal with period.  Yet still 3 beautiful people have dealt with me and supported me unconditionally.

Firstly my friend Shea, who from a distance (Berlin) has been encouraging me and pushing me every chance he got to connect with me. Not only that, but he used his skills and time to build me a social profile, create this amazing website and continually offer me professional and personal advice. Where I would be now without his help, I’d hate to guess. On Monday Shea arrives in Melbourne to share the festival experience with me. You can’t buy these types of friends.

Then I have my housemate/brother/friend Phil. It’s thanks to his generosity that we have an affordable house to live in and a happy home environment. This helps in many ways, not least being able to invest in my show at the festival. It’s Phil who always comes to gigs with me, who listens and critiques the material. It’s Phil who always drives so I can drown my sorrows or celebrate with the same amount of alcohol oddly enough. In the last 2 weeks Phil has forced me to practice my set nearly every night. I hate him for those nights but I’m so very grateful for his care.

Last but not least my partner Andreina, who really has the hardest role of all, as she is closest to me.  At first she never understood my perplexed faces; my constipated creative-block face or my staring into the void face. All she thought was that she had done something wrong. Silly. She has done the opposite. Her love, patience and understanding have shown me a love and kindness I’m not accustomed too.  The show ‘Be A Man’ has so much of Andreina in it, from the stories to the inspiration, that I dare say she has shaped the show about just as much as she has shaped me as a Man.

These are amazing times to share with these guys! I’m blessed. 

It’s now under 60 days till the Comedy Festival begins, exciting and very nervous times ahead. I’ve always dreamed of being a part of the festival and this year I will have my first solo show.

The show still needs work and what better place to work on it than the wineries of South Australia’s Mclaren Vale! We did a lot of wine tasting, too much eating and just look at this spot for writing! It really was a paradise out there. I highly recommend it. 

Jimmy Carr is in town this week. An absolute legend in the comedy business, Jimmy Carr’s second tour down under is slowly coming to a finish. Being in Australia you can’t miss chances like this to meet masters at their craft. I’ll be at his show later and hoping for a chat. 

Well Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all.

It’s a new year and a new set of projects to tackle. I’m really looking forward to 2016. With ‘Be A Man’ now becoming a solo show at The Melbourne Comedy Festival in March, I’ve still got a lot of writing to do to create my best possible 45. I’m happy with at least 30 minutes of it so far. There is definitely some hard work ahead. I’m lord of the Procrastinators.

Retreating Laughs keeps ticking on the ole FM dial as well and we’ve now been on the air for more than a year. That takes me by surprise. Hopefully this year can be as strong and I can line up some good interviews around festival time for you guys.

Possibly the most exciting news though on the turn of the year is that my great friend Shea, is in the process of building a website for my comedy. He is a beautiful and talented man and I’m grateful for all his assistance. It’s going to look amazing!





Well here it is. We are in March and my show is just 24 days away. I’m nervous, I’m terrified and I’m typing this from my safe place; under a blanket and in the fetal position.

This weekend I decided I needed to get out of the house. So I went to hang out with an old childhood friend of mine, someone I knew could cheer me up and get me feeling light and fun again. He’s changed though. He isn’t how I remembered. What happened to my innocence?